hfgOur base produce includes

  • 5 copies of a professionally produced DVD approximately one hour long
    • Fully edited with a menu to make it easy to find your favorite story
    • Second shoots or extended time available
  • photo slide show up to 100 pictures
    • You provide and organize the photos
    • We scan and do slight restoration when necessary
    • Audio or written narration available
  • An audio CD of the DVD soundtrack
    • CDs can be used many places where it is not possible to use the DVD. Many of our customers have told us they use the CD when they visit the gravesite of a loved one to create an even more special moment.
  • Uncut raw footage DVD of everything filmed
    • Every captured moment of a loved one is precious and we have  found that the immediate family and close friends like the uncut raw footage as much as they like the final product.

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  Introduce yourself to generations yet to be born.

-Preserve the stories
-Pass on the lessons you have learned
-Document your family history
-Record a message for future events
-Forever preserve the image and voice of a loved
Every life is a story worth telling.
When we look at pictures of departed loved ones we all wish we would hear their voice one more time, that our children or grandchildren could hear them tell their stories.
One day we will be that departed loved one. Preserve your story, and show them their ancestry.